Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recipe: Go-Big-or-Go-Home Hoagie

Hi friends!

Where have I been? 
(Many of you have emailed me to ask me  
and I am not even sure 
how to answer your question!) 

I guess life gets in the way sometimes 
and I just have not really 
had a lot to blog about. 

Having said that....
I must also admit
that I am in that boat of bloggers 
to post any images that are not theirs
for fear of being SUED 
by nasty money-hungry 
heartless mean people.

My posts will be 
much less frequent now because
I don't want to end up in a lawsuit. 

When I started blogging,
and went out on the "world-wide-web" 
and posted images of my home and designs, 
I knew full well that I was putting myself "out there".

I knew that people would probably take my images 
and repost them or pin them.
That I may or may not receive the proper credit, 
even though I stated on my blog 
that I would appreciate a credit line 
if they chose to "borrow" my idea or image.

However, it seems that there are always those
who have to take it to an ugly level.
Several blogging friends are telling me about 
 lawyers going after bloggers
for reposting images they have found 
on Pinterest or wherever. Honestly?
It's a shame. 
Get a life! You should be honored
that someone liked your stuff enough
to share it again! 

This is my official poo poo on you.

I'm off my soap box.

Sharing a recipe with you today!
But before I do, I just want to warn you ---
this sandwich is crazy delicious.

Just think of the saying
"Go big or go home"
when you make it, because it's not a low-calorie meal -- 
if you know what I mean, but I promise you
that it is YUMMY!

What makes this recipe 
different from other hoagie recipes 
 is that this sandwich is made on
a hot melted BUTTER-soaked garlic 
and cheese encrusted base.

So every bite you take
with delicious flavor.

(CREDIT: I am originally from the SW part of Pennsylvania,
30+ miles outside of Pittsburgh,
and there is a pizza shop near the city
that makes THE BEST
hoagies in North America -- I am pretty certain of this. 
Danny's Pizza in Bethel Park is the place
for this buttery hoagie -- so be sure to pop in there 
and taste the original if you ever get the chance.
This recipe is different, my version, but inspired by Danny's.)


1 big loaf of a bakery fresh Italian bread 

1/4 lb. each of sliced dry Genoa Italian salami, 
best quality baked ham, uncured sandwich pepperoni,
and provolone cheese

1/4 c. fresh deli shredded mix of imported romano, 
asiago and parmesan cheeses

1/4 cup of butter, melted

Fresh Italian herbs: basil, parsley and oregano, chopped fine

Roasted tomatoes (packed in oil and herbs)

Shredded lettuce (I prefer leafy green lettuce)

1 homegrown beefsteak tomato, sliced thin

1 thinly sliced red onion, optional

Garlic powder

Fire up your broiler and move your oven rack 
to a position close to the heat.

1. Slice loaf of bread in half horizontally and place both halves on a 
baking or cookie sheet.

2. Melt butter in a microwave and spread on each half of the loaf.
Be generous! This is the secret ingredient that takes this
from average to buttery heaven!
Top with fresh herbs and three cheese mixture 
of Romano, Asiago,and Parmesan. 

3. Sprinkle with garlic powder and pop in the oven to melt the cheeses.
Remove from oven once melted and golden around the edges.

4. Top with layers of meats and provolone cheese and return to oven.
Broil until cheese is melted and bubbling.

5. Next, top with shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and roasted tomatoes.
Drizzle some of the oil and herbs from the roasted tomatoes 
onto the lettuce for extra flavor.

6. Cut and serve immediately -- preferably with chips and cold beer.

Such a perfect recipe for summer dinner
when it's too hot to cook out, or for a fall football party,
 a Super Bowl game party. 

I'm telling you,
this garlic bread buttery base
makes all the difference with this recipe.
I hope you will try it.



Go-Big-or-Go-Home Hoagie

Friday, May 22, 2015

Gallery Walls


Gallery, Highboy, Antlers

Do you have any gallery walls
in your home?

Who said fabric was just for linens?

Do you prefer symmetrical
arrangements or artfully scattered


This is a wall arrangement I designed for one of my clients. We framed small hand-tinted prints
 - scenes of France from a book series printed in the 1920's. The mirror is an overlay.

I love this idea of framed letters....Southern Living House Spring 2015 interior design by Providence Design...The foyer

This is another grouping in the same home. Large framed antique hand-tinted lithographs
featuring formal French garden designs which hang in a front entry hall.

Living Room Luxury-

I love gallery walls.
Do you?