Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Antique Marble Slab

New finds in the kitchen
this week.

Last week, I mentioned my friend Carol's sale
and the antique apple picker's canvas bag.

Today I wanted to share 
a couple of other things 
I found while treasure hunting
at her pop-up shop.


She had this wonderful old stray slab 
of Carrera marble that I could not pass up. 
  I finally hauled it in from the garage today
and added some heavy duty felt feet to the base.
This thing is HEV-EEEE!

Is there a name for this shape?
 Can someone out there enlighten me?
(I always wanted to own a swimming pool in this shape!)

Thought it would make an interesting layer
in the kitchen and hope to use it
as a fruit and cheese board when entertaining.

I also grabbed these old cloudy aqua
glass bottles that she had so many of ...
wishing I had brought home more of them.

They look like sea glass - 
so pretty.

The little oval tray 
that they are sitting in was also a find that day.
It's not old but looks like it might be.

Carol, you have 

Thank you for always finding 
such great treasures for us to pick from! 

What lovely thing have you found lately?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweet picking find

my friend and I attended a
vintage/antique sale 
at the home of my sweet 
and super talented friend, Carol,
who has a fantastic blog called

(One of these days I want to take
a camera to her home and interview her
with a photo tour of her fantastic home --
styled with drool-worthy vignettes
that you would die to see!)
I will work on that.

She hosts this event 
a couple times a year ---
and it is AMAZING!
Never know what you will find.

We bought so many great things!

But I had to share 
my favorite find
of the day:

 an antique apple picking canvas bag.

Brought it home
and stuffed it full of all the
green hydrangeas 
 in the yard.

The bottom unhooks to release the apples when full.
A sturdy iron frame allows it to hold its form.

Love this thing!
Wish I could find more
to fill for family and friends.

Let me know if you know where I can find more!  :)

Kind of cute, right?