Friday, November 27, 2015

Vintage ornament wreath making

here we go!
'Tis the season after all.

Thanksgiving is now in the
rearview mirror so to speak 
so now it's time to dive in and focus on
holiday decoration preparations.

This coming week
I am decorating one of my client's homes
for four days 
so I need to squeeze in my own
installations here in the 
"inbetween times".

I saw these vintage ornament wreaths
in Milwaukee in July and made
a note to myself to try to make one
from old ornaments I had ---
ornaments and small items
that had not sold in the antique 
shop last December.

I'm also going to try to recreate 
a wreath like this one 
from Martha Stewart Living:

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Magazine 2014

I have been collecting vintage Putz mica houses
and old bottle brush trees for months.
Hoping I can make something remotely similar!

What about you?
Have any "crafty" plans
for your holiday decor this year?

Tell me about it!


One more thing!
How cute are THESE:


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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings

Here we are in the final days
of  November.
The weeks have started  
to fly by even faster than normal
as they always seem to
at this time of year.

The holiday shopping crunch 
is soon to 
weigh heavy on our minds
 and our lists of 
"Things to Do"
will grow
and grow
before the year's end.

Focusing o
the gathering of friends and family
later this week.

Preparing and sharing a simple meal
that holds 
since it is one that we make
the biggest attempt to find each other
at that table to celebrate
the Thanksgiving holiday
t o g e t h e r.

Keeping my mind ever set
on how many blessings I have.
How grateful I am for each and every
little thing --- 
good and bad.

Knowing that FAMILY 
is the most important thing we have,
and enjoying 
without fussing too much
over the way the table will look,
or how the recipes will turn out.

Taking time to laugh
and love
and rejoice 
in the special people surrounding me. 

(And those who cannot be here too.)

Remembering to 
not get caught up
in the RUSH of the season
and instead taking time to enjoy
and breathe.

Please know
that I am 
when you stop by here.

for being 
my blogging friend!