Thursday, January 29, 2015


A lifestyle mantra for me.

A phrase that plays over and over and over
in my head through the years.

W W R D ?

What would Ralph do?

Though I have never 
(and never will have)
 the budget that Ralph Lauren has
when he decorates a room or home ---
 I almost ALWAYS 
ask myself this question
when making a decision 
on a purchase
for our home 
whether it be for an accessory or a larger piece.

W W R D ?

(I keep threatening to print this on a t-shirt -- 
my own personal little joke!)

Ralph Lauren has THE most wonderful style ---
hands down, 
in my opinion,
and he never waivers.

He has stayed true to himself
through the years and has not fallen into
the new trend traps,
thank you for this, Mr. L.

Your style is timeless and classic,
comfortable and elegant.
Creative and clever.
Expected and yet not.

You are not afraid of collections 
or multiple layers in a room --
not a minimalist, 
a kindred spirit in that sense. 

You give so many of us 
 a style to covet
and one so many of us
 enjoy trying to duplicate
in part or in whole in our
humble homes.

Ralph Lauren Home

YOU are my inspiration
for interior design.


Oh yeah, I know.


Thank you, Mr. Lauren.

With loving appreciation
from one of your
BIGGEST and most GRATEFUL fans,

Alison :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chomping at the Bit

Horse bits 
An iconic symbol.

Just sharing a little visual collection
of beautiful little bits.

Vintage Gucci loafers

Love this horsebit bedding collection

A Rebecca Ray Designs horsebit clutch

silver Horsebit bracelet -gucci
A Gucci bracelet
Horse Bit 10x20 Cotton Pillow, Cream
Horse Bit Pillow from OKL

via Paisley, Plaid & Read   -- Link here

Frame by Ralph
Vintage Equestrian Tablecloth Equine Dressage English Riding Snaffle Bit Helmet Boots Horse Crop Bridle Tack Green Brown Mint Rare
Vintage tablecloth with scattered horsebit design can be found here

Buy this here

Embroidered cocktail napkins from Horchow

Gucci Horsebit-embellished burnished-leather boots | NET-A-PORTER
Horsebit detail on leather boots  --

A do it yourself, framed bit with a burlap background.... perhaps that's what I'll do with my ever growing collection of bits. My bit box is bursting at the seams!
Frame your bit, baby! Link

“Shoe du Jour” 5.28.14 Gucci “Ursula” Patent Leather Horsebit Ankle-Strap Pumps « Shoefessional
Navy patent leather pumps by who else? 

Long Horsebit Necklace from #TheLimited
Horsebit Necklace on sale here

in2green Horse Bit Throw Marine

My bit box is beginning to overflow with all variety of loose rings, d-rings and pelhams. I wonder if I can decorate with them? A fanciful napkin ring perhaps?
via Amanda Plucker Photography

Hope you enjoyed this
just a little bit!