Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Personal shopper for you?

Buy one of these right here!

Vintage Grain Sack Flax Linen Feedsack Blue Green Stripe 18 1/2 x 40 inches
Adore this grain sack which you can buy right here!

Holy cow.
There are 
so many great things
to be found 
right now 
Ebay and Etsy!

Do you desire an antique aquamarine ring? If so, look no further! HERE

Was on one of my late-night
internet window shopping binges 
and decided to pull 
together a post sharing 
all the awesome finds available
right now.

So if any of these treasures
interest you at all,
just click on the link provided 
under the photo
and BUY.

This beauty is new, but handsome! LINK

Find this vintage white ironstone lidded sugar bowl --- HERE

Antique England // Early 1900s Mansfield & Sons Equestrian Riding Boots
How about a pair of awesome English riding boots? Find them linking HERE

A pretty blue yellowware bowl. Love the color! HERE

Vintage Hand-blown Japanese Glass Fishing Floats - 4" (Approximate) Round
Vintage Fishing Floats, anyone? Colors are gorgeous and great in a bowl.   HERE

Want to own this lovely platter? Link HERE

Antique French Demijohn Hand Wrapped Wicker Aqua Blue Glass Wine Bottle
Lovely vintage wicker bottles can be found here

Antique crock with blue details 
Love this abstract water ripple effect painting too. It can be yours! HERE

So come back and tell me
if you end up 
any of these goodies!


Late 19th century, cast bronze, fox head door stop
Who needs a fox head cast iron door stop? Lovely. LINK

ANTIQUE STONEWARE:  Two Stripe Stoneware Pitcher
How pretty would this be full of fresh cut flowers? Buy it HERE

Friday, June 6, 2014

Do you remember your first ....

...  cOucH????

My friend and fellow blogger, Sarah,
emailed me this week 
about last week's houndstooth post.
She said her very first sofa 
was a black and white

She even found a photo of it
to share with us circa 1974!

How cool is that?

Which got me to thinking 
about how memorable
that rite of passage 
is for all of us 
decorating types.

Your very first couch

Do you remember it?

Where were you living 
when you purchased it?

Share these memories with all of us!

Come on.
Tell us about your first!