Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blessed Easter Greetings

Taking time this weekend to stop and "smell the roses".
Reflecting on the many blessings I have in my life.
Rejoicing in the meaning of Easter. 

Reminding myself to be a grateful follower knowing I need to trust in His plan for me.

Wishing you all a
Happy Easter weekend.

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Spread the word.

Tell a friend.



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Living in a Pig Sty

Well, it looks like 
spring is 
dragging her way 
into the Midwest....
like a turtle.

So why do I feel like I am living 
in a pig sty?


Oh my gosh.
The dirt, the paw prints,
the mud, the mess.

I can't mop enough.
I can't sweep enough.
I can't wipe them down enough.


Every time they go out they have to be wiped down and dried off
and even so, there is always a mess. Everywhere. 

We usually let the girls lay on the sofas
(I can hear the shrieks of horror, 
I know, it's bad -- but I cannot lie.)

They are "people" 
and in our family,
the people sit on the furniture. 

So everything is tarped 
with tartan throws and sheets 
until we get through
the soggy boggy yard phase.

This morning, Cada,
the black lab went out to 
"do her business"
and she apparently,
(I say apparently because I was
sound asleep and did not even 
realize she had gone out),
she decided to run into the house 
and up the stairs
and into our bed to say hi.

A big old MUDDY
filthy footed


As disgusting as it is,
I am boldly going where no one has gone
to show you my disgusting 
mud riddled sheets
before I whipped them off  
and into 
the washer. 
Good grief.


Lots of puddles out there
and the yard 
is a mushy gushy mess. 


It's a love/hate thing 
when we go through this period
but seeing green helps to dilute 
my seeing red
when these sweet 
waggy-tailed people come
running in the doorway with smiles 
and big old puppy kisses
for our faces.

Gotta love 'em.

 God save the house.

Hallie tootsies.  :)

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