Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day marks the end of a season

What are you doing this Labor Day weekend?


This summer has flown by
and it has not been a warm one here
in Illinois. I love a hot, breezy summer.
But we have not had that. 

Chicago winters are normally cold, 
but this one was very long and very cold 
and summer did not arrive until late June.

So much for global warming.

Weird weather throughout the country, I know.

Sharing some snapshots of the yard this summer
 with guest appearances by Cada, our black lab.

How was your summer?
Was it weird like ours?

The best kind of "black head"   :D

Hope you are enjoying 
this lovely Labor Day weekend.
Blessings and thanks to those 
who have served our country.

  God bless America!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

English Crocks

There has been 
brown transferware and silver
on the kitchen hutch 
for months.

My little collection of printed
antique and vintage crocks has been
so I decided to pull it out 
of the pantry closet
and decided to display it today.

This will do for a bit!

My mom gave me this blue printed preserves crock from Ohio. Wish I could find more!

So that's my little hutch swirl.

What have you rearranged lately?

Won't miss the silver polishing! :)